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In response to large-scale corporate scandals during the early 2000’s, the United States’ Congress enacted the Sarbanes-Oxley ACT (SOX) in 2002. This legislation led to the creation of many new jobs in the accounting industry nationwide. SOX is a collection of laws intended to ensure companies abide by legal and ethical accounting practices. To ensure they adhere to the regulations detailed in SOX, many companies are willing to handsomely pay accountants knowledgeable about SOX regulations. Many accountants begin their careers by obtaining an associate’s degree in accounting.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), accountants average about $58,000 annually. There are no guarantees, but most accounting firms and companies hiring accountants usually hire individuals with degrees from accredited institutions. Students enrolled in online accounting associate’s programs usually enroll in tax law, auditing, SOX regulations, and core business classes.

Students enrolled in online programs have the flexibility to decide when to complete their studies. It usually takes about two years to complete an associate’s program. Since students do not need to attend classes on-campus, online programs are ideal for working professionals wanting to acquire work experience while earning a degree.

Accounting Associate’s Degrees

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