SAT and ACT Preparation Resources

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If you’re seeking admission to
college, it’s almost certain that
you’ll have to take the SAT or ACT
assessment test. Don’t go in
unprepared – there are plenty of
online and print resources to help
you succeed. Here are a few worth

  • PrepMe:
    Developed by Hobsons, this
    test preparation website
    offers personalized learning
    for the ACT, SAT and PSAT
    exams. The site also offers a
    free diagnostic test as well
    as a $5 trial run so you can
    check it out before
  • ePrep:
    Established in 2005 by a group
    of Princeton students, ePrep
    aims to engage students in a
    convenient, flexible manner.
    Also offers a free diagnostic
    SAT test.
  • ExcelTest:
    Guarantees higher scores with
    unique test-prep methods.
  • College
    : Practice SAT
    questions from the College
    Board, as well as a free
    practice test. Official “SAT
    Practice Questions of the Day”
    offer a continual challenge.
  • Kaplan Test
    : Kaplan’s site
    offers tutoring, prep courses
    and practice tests to prepare
    for both the ACT and SAT
  • The Official
    SAT Study Guide from the
    College Board
    : The
    College Board’s official SAT
    study guide features official
    practice tests, along with the
    information students will need
    in order to succeed on the
  • The Real ACT
    Prep Guide
    : Billed as
    the only guide to include
    three practice tests, the
    guide offers test-taking tips
    and strategies to succeed on
    the ACT exam.
  • Sylvan
    : ACT and SAT
    prep programs offer
    personalized learning plans
    for students. Skills
    assessments and financing are
    also available.
  • Method Test
    : Offering both
    web-based and in-person exam
    tutoring, as well as free
    study guides and webinars.
  • U.S. News
    & World Report
    Well-known site offers a host
    of resources, including tips
    for success as well as testing
    tips, for both the ACT and

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