2016 Rio Olympics: Who Sent the Most US College Athletes?

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Over 1,000 US college athletes who are either currently attending school or are alumni, are participating in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. According to the NCAA, 168 of those athletes are current students competing in 15 sports.

According to the NCAA, the University of California-Berkeley sent 13 current student-athletes to Rio, more than any other collegiate institution. The University of Georgia ranks second with 10 students, and the University of Texas rounds out the top three with 8 students.

Interesting Facts About College Athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics

  • Ginny Thrasher, a freshman at West Virginia University, became the first Gold medalist for the U.S. and the first U.S. college athlete in Rio in the 10m Air Rifle event
  • At least one Stanford University athlete has won a medal at every Olympics since 1912 and the 2016 Rio Olympics is no exception: Three students in particular this year have dominated in swimming including Katie Ledecky, who won five medals, and Simone Manuel, and Maya Dirado, who have each won four medals
  • Swimming is the most represented sport in the 2016 Rio Olympics games by current college athletes with 64 students participating
  • Students attending the University of Georgia won 10 medals in Rio, nearly as many as the country of Brazil, which by contrast has 15 medals.According to the U.S. Olympic Committee, 75% of the 2016 U.S. Olympic team in Rio have competed in collegiate athletics at the varsity and club levels.
  • The University of Southern California (USC) has produced the most overall current and alumni students at the 2016 Rio Olympics with an impressive 42 athletes, followed by the University of California-Berkeley with 40 athletes, and Stanford University with 39 athletes.

Below is the complete list of current student-athletes participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics, in order of the highest to lowest number of students.

Current US College Athletes Competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics


University of California-Berkeley

Dora Antal F Water Polo Hungary
Kathleen Baker F Swimming United States
Luca Cupido M Water Polo United States
Caileigh Filmer F Rowing Canada
Long Gutierrez M Swimming Mexico
Anna Illes F Water Polo Hungary
Ryan Murphy M Swimming United States
Farida Osman F Swimming Egypt
Jacob Pebley M Swimming United States
Josh Prenot M Swimming United States
Noemie Thomas F Swimming Canada
Natan Wegrzycki-Szymczyk M Rowing Poland
Toni-Ann Williams F Gymnastics Jamaica

University of Georgia

Gunnar Bentz M Swimming United States
Cejhae Greene M Track and Field Antigua and Barbuda
Leontia Kallenou F Track and Field Cyprus
Jay Litherland M Swimming United States
Brittany MacLean F Swimming Canada
Keturah Orji F Track and Field United States
Karl Saluri M Track and Field Estonia
Olivia Smoliga F Swimming United States
Chantal Van Landeghem F Swimming Canada
Kendell Williams F Track and Field United States

University of Texas

Jack Conger M Swimming United States
Ryan Crouser M Track and Field United States
Joanna Evans F Swimming Bahamas
Chrisann Gordon F Track and Field Jamaica
Townley Haas M Swimming United States
Byron Robinson M Track and Field United States
Joseph Schooling M Swimming Singapore
Clark Smith M Swimming United States

University of Southern California

McQuin Baron M Water Polo United States
Dylan Carter M Track and Field Trinidad and Tobago
Victoria Chamorro F Water Polo Brazil
Tiffany Chan F Golf Hong Kong
Santo Condorelli M Swimming Canada
Amalie Iuel F Track and Field Norway
Tim Wynter M Swimming Jamaica

Texas A&M University

Latario Collie-Minns M Track and Field Bahamas
Beryl Gastaldello M Swimming France
Stephanie Malherbe F Soccer South Africa
Sydney Pickrem F Swimming Canada
Brenessa Thompson F Track and Field Guyana
Lindon Victor M Track and Field Grenada


Kennedy Goss F Swimming Canada
Michael Hixon M Diving United States
Lilly King F Swimming United States
Jessica Parratto F Diving United States
Blake Pieroni M Swimming United States

North Carolina State University

Simonas Bilis M Swimming Lithuania
Soren Dahl M Swimming Denmark
Ryan Held M Swimming United States
Anton Ipsen M Swimming Denmark
Lucas Kozeniesky M Shooting United States

Stanford University

Kassidy Cook F Diving United States
Katie Ledecky F Swimming United States
Simone Manuel F Swimming United States
Alex Massialas M Fencing United States
Lia Neal F Swimming United States

University of Alabama

Kristian Gkolomeev M Swimming Greece
Jack Hadjiconstantinou M Swimming Cyprus
Christopher Reid M Swimming South Africa
Jareem Richards M Track and Field Trinidad and Tobago

Arizona State University

Richard Bohus M Swimming Hungary
Isabella Chiappini F Water Polo Brazil
Anna Olasz F Swimming Hungary
Katarina Simonovic F Swimming Serbia

Auburn University

Peter Holoda M Swimming Hungary
Ziv Kalontarov F Swimming Israel
Luis Martinez M Swimming Guatemala
Teray Smith M Track and Field Bahamas

University of Florida

Andres Arroyo M Swimming Puerto Rico
Mitch D'Arrigo M Swimming Italy
Caeleb Dressel M Swimming United States
Jan Switkowski M Swimming Poland

Ohio State University

Eleanor Harvey F Fencing Canada
Nichelle Prince F Soccer Canada
Kyle Snyder M Wrestling United States
Dustin Tynes M Swimming Bahamas

University of Miami

Heather Arseth F Swimming Mauritius
Marcela Maric F Diving Croatia
Alysha Newman F Track and Field Canada
Catalina Perez F Soccer Colombia

University of Tennessee

Christian Coleman M Track and Field United States
Kali Davis-White F Track and Field Jamaica
Kira Toussaint F Swimming Netherlands
Hannah Wilkinson F Soccer New Zealand

Florida State University

Shaquania Dorsett F Track and Field Bahamas
Kellion Knibb M Track and Field Jamaica
Leticia Romero F Basketball Spain

Harvard University

Vincent Breet M Rowing South Africa
Eli Dershwitz M Fencing United States
Nikki Okwelogu F Track and Field Nigeria

University of Louisville

Carlos Claverie M Swimming Venezuela
Grigoriy Tarasevich M Swimming Russia
Kelsi Worrell F Swimming United States

University of Oregon

Devon Allen M Track and Field United States
Deajah Stevens F Track and Field United States
Ariana Washington F Track and Field United States

University of South Carolina

Aliyah Abrams F Track and Field Guyana
Akaram Mahmoud M Swimming Egypt
Julia Vincent F Diving South Africa

West Virginia University

Kadeisha Buchanan F Soccer Canada
Ashley Lawrence F Soccer Canada
Virginia Thrasher F Shooting United States

University of Arkansas

Clive Pullen M Track and Field Jamaica
Lexi Weeks F Track and Field United States

Duke University

Leona Maguire F Golf Ireland
Rebecca Quinn F Soccer Canada

Grand Canyon University

Jade Howard F Swimming Zambia
Tara-Sue Barnett F Track and Field Jamaica

University of Kentucky

Sean Gunn M Swimming Zimbabwe
Jasmine Quinn F Track and Field Puerto Rico

University of Michigan

Mokhtar Al-Yamani M Swimming Yemen

Sibohan Haughey F Swimming Hong Kong

University of Missouri

J'den Cox M Wrestling United States
Mikel Schreuders M Swimming Aruba

Princeton University

Katharine Holmes F Fencing United States
Ashleigh Johnson F Water Polo United States

Purdue University

Carmiesha Cox F Track and Field Bahamas
Steele Johnson M Diving United States

Queens University of Charlotte

Patricia Castro-Ortega F Swimming Spain
Dion Dreesens M Swimming Netherlands

University of California-Los Angeles

Rachel Fattal F Water Polo United States
Alex Roelse M Water Polo United States

University of Virginia

Filip Mihaljevic M Track and Field Croatia
Leah Smith F Swimming United States

University of Wisconsin

Matthew Hutchins M Swimming New Zealand
Cierra Runge F Swimming United States

Academy of Art University

Mobolade Ajomale M Track and Field Canada

Air Force

David Higgins M Shooting United States

University of Arizona

Sage Watson F Track and Field Canada

Brown University

Sovijja Pou M Swimming Cambodia

Bryant University

Benjamin Schulte M Swimming Guam

University of Chicago

Naomy Grand’Pierre F Swimming Haiti

Clafin University

Brandon Valentine-Parris M Track and Field St. Vincent and the Grenadines

College of Charleston

Paris Henken F Sailing United States

Cornell University

Rudy Winkler M Track and Field United States

Florida Gulf Coast University

Evita Leter F Swimming Suriname

Grinell College

Joshua Tibatemwa M Swimming Uganda


Gabriela Mantellato F Water Polo Brazil

University of Illinois

Pedrya Seymour F Track and Field Bahamas

John Hopkins University

Pilar Shimizu F Swimming Guam

Johnson C. Smith

Kendra Clarke F Track and Field Canada

Kansas State University

Shadae Lawrence F Track and Field Jamaica

King University

Haley Augello F Wrestling United States

Lindenwood University

Muhammad Begaliev M Weightlifting Uzbekistan
Fernando Reis M Weightlifting Brazil

Louisiana State University

Lizzie Cui F Diving New Zealand

University of Maryland

Micha Powell F Track and Field Canada

University of Minnesota

Kierra Smith F Swimming Canada

University of Mississippi

Raven Saunders M Track and Field United States

New Mexico State University

Jannah Sonnenschein F Swimming Mozambique

Oklahoma Baptist University

Ines Remersaro F Swimming Uruguay

Penn State University

Shane Ryan M Swimming Ireland

Point Loma University

Jordan Mageo F Track and Field American Samoa

Southern Methodist University

Jackie Galloway F Taekwondo United States

University of Southern Mississippi

Mariam Kromah F Track and Field Liberia

St. Augustine’s College

Tia-Adana Belle F Track and Field Barbados

University of Toledo

Isabella Echeverri F Soccer Colombia

University of California Irvine

Persis William-Mensah F Track and Field Ghana

University of Connecticut

KIa Nurse F Basketball Canada

The University of Texas El Paso

Tobi Amusan F Track and Field Nigeria

Virginia Tech

Marcel Lomnicky M Track and Field Slovakia

Wagner College

Dorian McMenemy F Swimming Dominican Republic

University of Washington

Diamara Planell F Track and Field Puerto Rico

Washington State University

Nicole Hare F Rowing Canada

Western Kentucky University

Emmanuel Dasor M Track and Field Ghana

Yale University

Katherine Miller F Fencing Brazil

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