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Top Excuses People Use to Not Attend College

If you have not yet decided to attend college, and continue to make excuses for why you cannot attend, listed below are 5 responses to the most common excuses made for not enrolling:

1. I can’t afford it.

There are numerous financial aid programs available for students, especially for students whose families cannot help them or students who have low incomes themselves.

2. Nobody in my family has ever gone.

If no one in your family has completed college, it can be very intimidating to be the first to attend. However, being the first to earn a degree can be a very satisfying experience, and possibly inspire other family members to attend.

3. I don’t know what I want to do with my life.

Most people are asking the same question. If you attend college, you will learn new things and possibly find a subject that is very interesting. Moreover, you will meet new people who can assist you as you determine your career.

4. College is too hard for me.

College can be difficult, but there are many services provided by colleges to help students. Additionally, with hard work and discipline you can overcome the challenges that all people attending college encounter.

5. I just won’t fit in.

College campuses are usually very diverse. Plus, most colleges are full of different organizations students can become involved with. For more information contact each school individually you are interested in attending to obtain information about different organizations.

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Year College

Community colleges are excellent options for people that are unsure whether they want to earn a 4 year degree. These publically funded colleges offer 2 year degrees. You will have an opportunity to attend some college classes, and if you want to earn a 4 year degree, you can later enroll at a college offering these degrees.

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